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Aries Aviation International, formed in 1995, is a privately owned Canadian aviation company. Aries Aviation International is a trade name used by Aries Aviation Services Corp., Aries Aviation International Inc., and Aries Aviation International (Colorado) Inc. Although a relatively young company, our Corporate Executives bring an aggregate history of experience in excess of 50 years. The company specializes in Flight Operations Services, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering, Aircraft Sales and Aircraft Parts Sales and currently employs 37 people.

Our success can be attributed to a core team of highly experienced professionals who strive to not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. We have both an international and domestic reputation for quality service and are committed to expanding our current capabilities and business activities through a continuous improvement program.

Our highly experienced pilots and aircraft support engineers form a unique, dependable team, focused on maintaining day-to-day operations, priding ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We are committed to expanding our services and are currently targeting geophysical survey, corporate and business aircraft sectors.


Flight Operations Services

Aries Aviation International has a solid reputation in the field of special missions operations, providing adapted equipment and experience for remote data retrieval, airborne geophysical survey, radar and LiDAR mapping, and reconnaissance. Having experience in over 80 countries providing services that includes radar mapping in Indonesia and Nigeria, tactical ice reconnaissance in the Arctic, airborne geophysical surveying in Venezuela and Bolivia, Aries Aviation International is able to provide an all-in-one comprehensive service package. In addition to operating a fleet of aircraft equipped for such missions, Aries Aviation International offers engineering design approval and fabrication of aircraft modifications required for special missions operations. Modifications include camera ports, forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensors, LiDAR and hyperspectral sensor installations, low light digital cameras, radar antenna radomes, magnetic detection sensors and other modifications for virtually any airframe.

Aries Aviation has operated Caravan, Challenger, Conquest II and Cheyenne II aircraft and currently operates Learjet 36, King Air 200, Turbo Commander and a fleet of Navajo 310 aircraft in a variety of special missions operations.

Safety is of the foremost concern of Aries Aviation International. We are proud of our accident free aviation safety record and continually strive to incorporate new safety systems into our ongoing flight operations. The current company Aviation Safety Program is a key tool used by Senior Management for risk management.

Aries Aviation International also participates as an active member of the technical committee of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association. The mandate of this Association is to improve safety within the Airborne Geophysics Survey Industry.

In addition, Aries Aviation International's Occupational Health and Safety Program compliments the Aviation Safety Program to enhance the overall safety of our employees and clients.

Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

Aries Aviation International is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization providing Line Maintenance, Heavy Maintenance and Structural Repairs, Quality Assurance and Maintenance Audits, Component Servicing, Pre- and Post-Lease Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspections. This approval covers light aircraft as well as a diverse range of business aircraft including Citation, Learjet, Canadair Challenger, and Gulfstream II and III.

In addition, Aries Aviation International has a Ministers Delegate-Maintenance on staff. This gives Aries the ability to issue certificates of airworthiness and export certificates for aircraft being imported or exported from Canada. Covered under Aries designation would be fixed wing aircraft from gliders and light aircraft up to and including transport category as well as rotary wing.

Aircraft Management

Many companies do not have the internal resources to oversee and operate an Aviation Department. Aries Aviation International is licensed to facilitate charter flights and can arrange time-sharing agreements and joint ownership of aircraft. Aries Aviation International assists clients to maximize their aviation potential.

Aries Aviation International aircraft management services include aviation consulting for domestic and international operations, provision of flight and maintenance crews, and foreign country operations coordination and logistical support.

Aircraft Sales

Aries Aviation International has an enviable reputation for having one of the best supported aircraft sales departments in the industry. Our maintenance group has the ability to perform pre-purchase inspections anywhere in the world and is authorized by Transport Canada to import/export aircraft.

Aries personnel have over 15 years direct new and used aircraft sales experience working with Raytheon Aircraft in Western Canada. Since 1998, Aries has brokered over 20 corporate aircraft to government and business flight departments and imported/exported more than 100 aircraft of all types.

We offer purchase and sales assistance for piston, turbo-prop, and jet aircraft, aircraft leasing, appraisals, and travel analysis and consulting.


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Additionally you may contact any one of our Sales Representatives at sales@ariesaviation.com

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